TOP EQUIPMENT:  I film with only the best camera equipment.  Nikon D810 bodies and all Nikon lenses guarantees consistency of product, high quality and dependability during filming and shooting. 

​Photography Philosophy

RESPONSIVE & FLEXIBLE: I adapt to situations in real time.  After all the planning and preparation the unexpected can rear its head.  Know that no matter what, I am capable of making critical decisions and changes if necessary.

​​​​​Let RSP Creative Studios Capture the Art and Beauty in Your Life. 

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SUPERIOR TRAINING: I received my PhD from UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television. Considered one of the top film/theater institutions in the world, you can rest assured that every aspect of training I received will be applied to capture your most important moments at its best.

CONTACT US NOW: We offer a free consultation to review your photography and video needs.  Relax knowing you have made the best decision regarding your project, moment or event.  Call us at 209-251-7488 or email us below or use this link: ROBIN@RSPCREATIVESTUDIOS.COM

CLIENT SATISFACTION: It is easy to offer a full client satisfaction guarantee when we apply the Photography Philosophy to each and every project we film.  Rest assured that your most important project, moment and event will be captured in all its beautiful glory. That's my guarantee.

EXPERIENCE: Whether for business or personal events I bring over 25 years of photography and filming experience to my clients.  Rest assured the pressure from any shooting situation will be handled with professionalism and finesse. 


FASTIDIOUS PLANNING: Great photography starts with detailed planning. There is no substitution for definitive planning.  To capture the perfect image and moment being prepared is paramount.  I work intimately with clients to assure you receive your exact expectations.