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​​Kristin Brin -- In Her Own Words.

Kristin Brin - In The Critics Words.

Kristin Brin -- In Dr. RSP's Words.

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How Kristin comes upon her subject matter is surprisingly organic.  Taking clues not only from traumatic experiences in life, but "experiences" that others would deem as Blase', Basic, Boring.  Yet, through her ability to find importance in the "commonality" of life her work takes on an unusual inter-play in her presentation and subject.  As you view Kristin Brin's work think of the stillness deep within the Tornado.   This is how I experienced Kristin's work in my first encounter.  So "quiet" that I actually passed by the work numerous times.  Yet,  it reached out and literally grabbed me...demanding that I pay attention to its finessed fury.  And so, here in RSP Creative Studios I have the joy to exhibit and represent another creator not afraid to risk.  We love fearlessness in creativity here and want to share it with you.

                                         Dr. Robin Scott Peters,                                                    Owner


Kansas City Art Institute

Solo & Group Exhibitions:

Cooper Riley Gallery, Los Angeles 2014, 15

Beverly Hills artShow 2013, 14, 15

RSP Creative Studios, Galt, CA 2015

Miss Wheelchair California, Ventura, CA 2015

Arty Gallery, Los Angeles, 2013

West Elm, Beverly Hills, CA 2013

Dilly Lily, Chicago, IL, 2000

Neiman Marcus Michigan Ave Store, Chicago, IL, 1998

"The experience comes before I start painting.  The painting is just the follow-up.  The on-rush is the "Idea."  So what am I doing when I have the "Idea?"  That's...for me.  Then I can't wait to just get in and paint.  This is business.  It's technical.  I am good at what I do.  I know how to use my medium.  I know where to start and how to finish--what technique.  But none of that happens until I have the vision.  And you can't pull those out of the air.  You have to be out and about...looking for inspiration.  You can't just be here in the studio thinking: 'what am I going to paint.' "

               Kristin Brin, Artist

Kristin Brin