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Gretchen Davis -- In Her Own Words.

Gretchen Davis -- In Dr. RSP's Words.

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I first met Gretchen at Barsetti's Vineyard Tasting Room here in Galt, CA.  She was with her husband, Warren.  They had come to hear a friend of their's playing in the band that was part of Barsetti's "Wine Down Friday" series.  Come have great wine, food, and good music.  And that was what we, plus many others were accomplishing with great fervor and delight.  However it was, Gretchen and I got to talking and her effervescent nature was captivating and we chatted like two old friends.  "I own an Art Gallery," I chirped.  "I'm an artist," she offered confidently.   So I called her "bluff."  "Here's my card. lets see your work."   Within the week we had met.  I gobbled up her pieces because I, once again, enjoyed the search. risk taking.  The process.  Gretchen is in a great explatory moment in her career.  As I look at the blend of color, multimedia, fluidity, depth, texture and subject it all explodes with the verve of life.  Her art is palpable.  Living art.  Yes.                                       

                  Dr. Robin Scott Peters,  Owner                       

"I  love to incorporate thick texture and various medias into my paintings.  Although my focus has been on painting I love to experiment with new techniques and varied subject matter.  I work in a series format which appeals to my wide range of interest.   I don't like to be boxed in creatively.  I hope what comes across is my flair for colorful expression and fearless exploration in my creative process."

                                        Gretchen Davis, Artist

Gretchen Davis


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