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Alisa Shtykar- In Her Own Words

     "I am often asked about my favorite subject of depiction.  The answer is unexpectedly abstract: I picture my consciousness.  I call the process of painting "active observation."  Art for me is not exercising of learned forms:  it is a form of inquiry, reasoning, perception of properties, characters, and interactions.  The object of my admiration is thoroughly explored as if the first time,  and then carried out to the canvas with all associated peculiarities that might have never been noticed before.  That is why I undertake the artistic endeavor - to witness the genuine nature of anything, which can be achieved through profound unbiased exploration that occurs while painting."

                                                                           Alisa Shtykar 

Alisa Shtykar - In Dr. RSP's Words

     In the mid-19th Century a new literary genre gained popularity.  Emile Zola is usually credited as a central figure in the development and dissemination of "Naturalism."   Naturalism was to capture a "Slice of Life."  The Artist now becomes Scientist.  A keen and particular observer.  Just the facts; just the moment.  Present "Life" as a "Case Study."  Objective.  Passionate to produce what is exactly occurring in front of their eyes.  Passion-less in needing to infuse a "Point of View."

     I first encountered Alisa Shtykar at the 2014 Beverly Hills Art Show.  The very same exhibit that the Russian Art Critic, Tatyana Zhiltsova attended.  Alisa capture's a moment, a segment, a slice -- as if a photograph was taken, action frozen in time. But, Alisa achieves this in oil and linen.  As I walked past her booth on a beautiful spring day in Beverly Hills (isn't every day in BH a beautiful day?), when my eyes engaged her work and then my mind and senses I audibly stated "naturalism."  I questioned this petite young woman: "Is this your work?"  And it was on.  Representing Alisa Shtykar's work allows me to share with you an artist of true merit.

                                              Dr. Robin Scott Peters, Owner

                                              RSP Creative Studios 

Alisa Shtykar - In the Critics Words

     "Shot, fragment, segment are the main words for understanding the artist's aim."

     "...Alisa directs our eye towards an accentuated fragment of the industrial reality.  She divides complicated world into its simplest compact components..."

     "...she emphasizes the uniqueness of the human being and underlines the impossibility of dividing the human world into basic details and comparable components."

     "The impartial fixing eye of the artist remains unchangeable.  She does not give any judgment, but sharply registers steps of humankind on its way to industrialization.  Creating a unique collection of fragments of surrounding her reality..."

                   Excerpts from:Industrial Landscape: Review on Alisa Shtykar's artwork presented at the Beverly Hills Art Show on May 17-18, 2014​.  By Tatyana Zhiltsova, art critic. (Translated from Russian by Polina Akindinova).