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Our studios are designed to bring together a broad spectrum of the arts in a unique convergence zone. Our venue offers an ideal blank canvas for the display of fine arts, filming commercials or video series, conducting workshops and classes, hosting intimate theatre or social gatherings. We utilize our creative energy to invigorate the cultural opportunities within the community.

Dr. Peters brings his energetic creative enthusiasm into this unique venture following a host of broadening interests and experiences.

His PhD in Theater, Film and Television from UCLA is only the beginning.   He has engaged audiences and communities on stage, behind the camera and blogging the art scene across the nation.

During an artistic sabbatical to expose himself to the diversity of artistic endeavors across the nation, Dr. Peters became invigorated by the compelling new works and convergence of styles being put forth today. Bringing together his full love of the arts ~ film, theatre, fine arts, and more, he decided to create a unique space open to the community he loves: Galt, California.

Robin Scott peters, phd

RSP Creative Studios is an artistic convergence zone which seeks to bring together a collaborative space to engage with a broad spectrum of the arts. Here art for sale brings together artist and entrepreneur.  Artists should not have to be "starving" to produce great work!

The Studios feature an 2,000 foot art gallery in Galt, CA highlighting talents from across the state and the nation.  RSP Creative Studios video and social media services offers clients an opportunity to engage with new artists and invest in emerging artists through a rotating series of gallery exhibits.

The Studios  specialize in film production, incorporating a broad range of video and social media services in Galt, CA but is capable of doing full-location shooting across the United States.  The Studios offer clients the opportunity to sit on either side of the camera - offering film production for businesses, television shows, and more; as well as hosting a variety of classes to learn the fundamentals of filming.

The Studios will be broadening its scope to include a range of classes and workshops open to the novice or professional in arts, writing, film, performing arts, fine art and photography in Galt, CA and more.

The Studios are available to rent for special events, offering discerning clients a unique setting for meetings, receptions, mixers, performances, or other innovative uses open to development on a case-by-case basis.

Rsp Creative Studios Video And Social Media Services

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